The Secret of Branding, Social Media

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You have an amazing product, there is no doubt about that. You want the world to know about it yet you don’t know exactly how you are going to pitch it… Well everyone wants to put their brand out there and shine. But make no mistake, building a brand is not easy. It could take years and sometimes it comes with some crisis think Johnson & Johnson. Social media is the most vibrant media nowadays. So how do you grow a brand on social media?

Believe in Your Brand

It is going to be very hard, almost impossible to sell a product that you do not believe in. So believe in your product and believe in yourself. Better still; give out a product that you are confident will be a solution to a problem. You can do this by doing thorough research and then working on it. You can never go wrong with good market research.

Partner with Influencers

Social media influencers are like celebrity endorsers. Influencers are thought leaders who have earned credibility. Get influencers to talk about your brand. Partner with influencers who you know will not only get your brand out there but will get you followers.


Paid advertising will get your brand out there and it will give you much needed exposure. Work with a talented team: graphic designers, photographers, copywriters who should give you the best art to give your product that boost.

Create Good Content

Create great content around your brand. Great content will add value to your followers and will keep your followers interested. Make no mistake, it takes time to understand what your audience really wants and what is needed in the market place so engage your audience and then improve on your weak areas.

Give love to get love back

The advantage of social media is that response is in real-time, so one can handle a crisis immediately. Respond to your customers grievances and apologize for any inconveniences. Take time to respond to comments and like compliments on your posts. This will make your clients know that you value them. You can also have special offers and also create contests and give away prizes to the winners of the contests. These efforts will definitely create brand loyalty.

Bottom line…

The most important thing about building a brand is consistency and to keep on learning. Enjoy the journey, do not despair so that one day God willing, you will look back and be glad that you never gave up!

What Everyone Ought To Know About Social Media Platforms For Business


Share Social Media

According to research  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest are among the most popular social media platforms. The following is a breakdown of the popular social media sites used by small and medium sized organizations and even personal brands and how best you can use them for your business:


Facebook is the most popular social media platform. One of its most important attributes is that it is a favorite of various age groups, so most demographics are covered.


  • One can share detailed posts about their products/services and pictures too.
  • One can boost (paid sponsorship) their posts/pages to gain a wider reach.
  • Customer feedback is possible.
  • The characters for posting content are not limited (so hey go ahead and pitch that product and yes write that press release).
  • One can share live video (which gets a lot of response).
  • There is such a great possibility of networking and this can help one get referrals for their product or service.
  • Because of the many users on Facebook and the culture of sharing, a post can easily go viral.
  • One can engage with their customers and handle customer care crises.


It is the second largest social media platform. Companies are running commercials on Youtube and those with monetized channels are greatly benefiting from them. If you run an events company or do a lot of video coverage then this is definitely the platform for you. Any business can have a Youtube channel.


  • It is a large platform and one can get a lot of traffic to their channel.
  • Youtube videos easily rank top on Google searches so more visibility to the company.
  • With more interaction on your channel (views, likes, comments) one can monetize their channel.
  • One can maximize on the visual. Quality video footage can give you mileage.
  • Fun and easy to understand videos about your products will get people coming back for more.
  • A great tip is to use customer testimonials to give your brand credibility.


Twitter is popular for its quick messaging and has grown very popular over the years. One of its best attributes is the ability to know what’s trending the world over.


  • One can join in conversations using tweets, jump in on trending hashtags (even retweeting) giving one a lot of visibility and gaining followers.
  • One can share links and images of their product information.
  • One can follow anyone and mention anyone and tweets appear on all followers’ feeds as there is no filter so it is easy to target customers.
  • One can sponsor a tweet hence get more followers and more visibility.


Brands thrive on Instagram because it is very popular with millennials and they love to follow their favourite brands. So if you are targeting the 18-34 age group that is the platform you need to be in.


  • Well images sell, literally you get a lot of visibility by posting quality pictures and short videos.
  • Brands get easily followed on Instagram.
  • The use of hashtags, especially trending hashtags makes a page to easily get followers hence visibility.
  • It is possible to partner with other brands and get visibility on their feeds.
  • It is easy to engage, receive feedback and encourage conversations with customers.

Snap Chat

Well if your product has that creative edge well this is the platform for you. Many big brands are now using Snap chat as it is a great platform for real time marketing (live coverage). Creative narratives are also shared a lot on snap chat. The social media platform allows brands to get creative by using filters, emojis, music and text.


  • It is an important social media platform for creative industries.
  • It is great for product launches as live events can be captured.
  • The use of video especially live video can enrich content and communication.
  • It is a great medium to use for all types of campaigns and product promotions.


Pinterest is popular for its cute pin boards and creativity. It is an underrated platform by most businesses yet it gives a visual edge and various ideas can be expressed.


  • Great for an E Commerce business. Those who prefer pinterest are mostly E Commerce shoppers; most pins are products that can be bought online.
  • It is great tool for driving traffic to a business website.
  • Promoted (sponsored) pins are more easily discovered.
  • It is great for campaigns and creating awareness on a product.
  • A great tool for providing analytics for a business.




7 Incredibly Useful Social Media Tips For Small Businesses


Every business needs to utilize the various opportunities and strengths of its online platforms for its business growth. Social media is a cost-effective way to sell and brand your business. The following are ways to grow your business on social media:

  1. Post FrequentlyShare Social Media

A simple post can do wonders. You can post information about your products or upload pictures, info graphics and videos and share links as often as possible. However consistency is key and if you want your customers or potential clients to know more about your business or a product you want to launch, you need to post frequently (don’t go quiet) and the more it is shared the better (great content is widely shared).

  1. Advertise For Consistent Business GrowthSmall Business

Paid social media plans are the most underrated branding tools as they give a business lots of exposure besides, people are spending more time on social media and every business should take advantage of this great opportunity. A company can gain traffic from sponsored ads on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube .

  1. Contribute To Conversations

Branding is a consistent effort to ensure a company has presence and ensure the continuous growth of the business. For a business to be successful at branding on social media it can utilize hashtags and participate in conversations. Conversations can help a company gain followers and create brand loyalty and enthusiasm for the company product/services. A brand can also know what the competition is up to (very important) yes what ‘is in’ will definitely come up in the conversation.

  1. Engage Your CustomersInstagram

Ask your social media followers to weigh in on topics related to your business. Their insights will enable you to understand their taste, preferences and attitudes. Also try to answer their queries on your products and services on time and apologize for any inconveniences and complaints. Your research, PR and Customer Care costs are covered (Thank me later).

  1. Break it down

Social media is complex but it can be figured out. Various channels are different your twitter account is very different from your Facebook account. You need to understand how each works so as to effectively utilize each platform. You also need to consider other factors like what is the best time to post?

  1. Make A PlanMake a Plan

For a business to have presence on social media it needs to be strategic, it needs a plan (this is a post you need to look forward to). Yes don’t just start selling your business on your various platforms; make a plan and let it reflect the bigger plan (Company mission and vision).

  1. Content is King

Content is part of the plan. Good content not only educates your audience but keeps them engaged because it is their cup of tea, it meets their needs. The content should also entertain but be related to the company’s product/service offering. For instance once in a while a restaurant or catering business can put up memes on tasteful food related jokes on their social media, that the audience can relate to. On that note am hungry 🙂



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